Types of roof slabs, concrete roof reinforcement slab

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 Types of Slab

Flat Slab:

👉It stands for reinforced concrete slab where the concrete columns are used to provide direct support to the slab.

👉It is also known as beam less slab since there are no beams in the slab.

Waffle Slab:

👉Waffle slab alias grid slab stands for a reinforced concrete roof or floor comprising of square grids having deep sides. 

👉This type of slab is mostly found in the entrance of hotels, malls, restaurants for stunning illustrative view as well as set up artificial lighting.

Dome Slab:

👉This type of slab is mostly found in temples,mosques and palace etc.

👉The dome slab is constructed on the conventional slab.

Hollow Core Slab:

👉Hollow core slab under this slab system, the slabs are pre casted.

👉These slabs are suitable when it is required to finish the construction quickly.

 Conventional Slab :

👉Conventional slab under this slab system, the support to the slab is provided through beams and columns.

👉The density of the slab is small but the depth of the beam is heavy.

👉The load is transmitted to the beam and then to the columns.

 Hardy Slab:

👉Hardy slab is made of hardy bricks.

👉Hardy bricks belong to the hollow bricks which are formed with concrete hollow bricks.

👉The purpose of these bricks is to fill parts of the slab.

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