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What is Mumty Room?

Mumty room is not a 100% room where you can stay or have bedroom.Mumty constructed at the top of the building if you want to extend the concrete stair to the roof so that you don't need to install or construct extra stairs to go to the roof.

Why Mumty Constructed :

Mainly there are 3 Reasons which are following   

1.To provide a roof over staircase:

we don't want the staircase in our building to be out in open on the roof and it has to be covered with wall around stairs and roof at the top to prevent rain and dust going down via stairs to the rooms.

2.Placing for Water Tank:

Once our building reached its top roof then we need to place or construct water tank.

For that we need to place it at higher level so that the flow of the water will increase and the water flowing through pipes will be smooth.

3.Storage room:

While constructing mumty just increase its area so that you can easily make a small storage room besides ending of the stairs at top roof.

Many people are not aware of this last advantage because of less knowledge of the architect, site engineer,site supervisor,contractor or even owner because only few people construct storage room there but as a civil site engineer its our responsibility to suggest these things to the owner of the under construction building and also to builder with whom you are working.

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