Testing of cement

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 Testing of cement can be described in 5 types which are following

Field Testing 

👉Open the bag and take a good look at the cement, then it should not contain any visible lumps.

👉Color of cement should be greenish grey.

👉Should get cool feeling when trusted.

👉When we touch the cement then it should give a smooth feeling and not gritty feeling.

👉When we throw the cement in a bucket full of water before it sinks the particles should flow.

👉When we make a stiff paste of cement and cut it with sharp edges and kept on a glass plate under water there wont be any disturbance to the shape and should get strength after 24 hours.

Standard Consistency Test

The standard consistency of a cement paste is defined as that consistency which will permit a VIcat plunger having 10mm diameter and 50mm length to be penetrate to a depth of 33-35mm from the top of the mould.

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