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Attendance Card

Mostly people who works in construction, industries definitely saw this card and you know what is this card and why it is used and if don't then we are here to tell you about this

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On front page you will see this👇

1.Name of the Firm:_________________

Here in this field it will be name of the company or the contractor under which you are working 

2. NO._____________

Serial number or employee number for the record which will saved on computer 


Name of month of the work 

4. Employee Name________________

Name of the employee or owner of this card


Address of the employee 


Phone number of the employee 

7.Father's Name________________

Name of the father of the employee 

8.Section/Dept. _________________

Section/Field or Department of the employee 

9.Nature of Work_________________

Type of work or what type of work is employee working 


Anything extra about the employee 

👉Main Page:-


Date of the month to save the record of employee about their progress 


Two types: 


It shows the 1st shift such that if the employee work on 1st shift then this box according to date of work will be mark 


It shows the 2nd shift such that if the employee work on 2nd shift then this box according to date of work will be mark 

NOTE: Working shift can be more shifts according to companies and it may be more than 2 shifts of 4-4 hours but in india it's normal shifts are of 8 hours.


There also two boxes which represents each of shift and Here in your 8 hours of shift 1hour will be of lunch time so if the employee take only half an hour and come to work then half hour will add extra to his shift I.e it will be 8and half hour of work by that employee on that day

NOTE: the time of lunch will never deduct.

4.Over Time:-

If an employee works more than 8hours such that if he works 11 hours in a day then it will be 3 more hours on that day so 3 more hours added to Over time and the employee will get extra money for that overtime

5.Total Hours Worked:-

If and employee take leave in between of shift such that he work only 5 hours then on that day only 5 hours will be add to his total work.

But if he works 8hours+2hours overtime=10 hours will be total hours worked that day by the employee


Everything above is null if there is no sign of site engineer/site supervisor on that box 

It's the responsibility of the card holder to make sure that the supervisor or engineer will fill those boxes and sign on the signature box of that day

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